This is the dawning of a new era for the Lionheart IndyCar series presented by First Medical Equipment. New partners have joined the series. New teams have replaced old. A new car has arrived. And, through it all, a new champion will be crowned. It all begins with the First Medical Equipment 200 at Homestead […]

Andrew Kinsella

This week sees the Kamel GT visiting the beautiful track of Laguna Seca. The field size was smaller than previous races due to a glitch with the Audi 90 GTO. After any contact with a kerb or another car the car would either float or run far too low, causing the cars to become undriveable. […]

Luis Emerton

If you believe in fate, or are even the least bit superstitious, Wednesday night’s Lionheart All-Star Race presented by Von Hanson’s Meats at Darlington Raceway should not have surprised you. After 77 regular season starts without a win, Canadian Pierre Daigle avoided a chaotic wreck with two laps remaining and captured the win for the […]

Jason Galvin

It was an offseason of change for the stars of the Lionheart Retro Series presented by HPP Simulation. New drivers, new teams and a new series sponsor have changed the landscape of the series dramatically. But it is a familiar track for the Lionheart drivers as the series opens the schedule at Homestead Miami Speedway, […]

Andrew Kinsella

Time can be a funny thing. Sometimes, it seems to crawl by in a moment, dragging to eternity. Other times, it seems to fly by, with no regard for the significance or gravity of a moment, almost daring you to take yourself out of the moment in a desperate attempt to slow it down. Such […]

Andrew Kinsella