Jacob Tofts

Hometown: Hatfield Heath

Hobbies: Sim-racing, Formula Ford race mechanic, car design, cycling and go-karting

Occupation: SIMSPORTNews Editor

Other Facts: My dad races cars and I am his mechanic, I have been sim-racing for a year. My favourite drivers are my dad (Neil Tofts), Daniel Riccardo, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.

Luis Emerton 

Hometown: Coventry, UK

Hobbies: Simracing, shooting and whitewater kayaking

Occupation: Applications Engineer

Other Facts: Really enjoyed the WEC last season, Nicki Thiim has to be my favourite driver.

Austin Brewer

Hometown: Ipswich, Suffolk UK

Hobbies: Motorsport, amateur photography, exploring everything.

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Other Facts: I learnt to walk before I could crawl, I eat anything but peas and I daily-drive a Volvo 480 Celebration.

Chris Skinner

Hometown: Rochester NY USA

Hobbies: SimRacing, Fishing, Anime, and playing with my kids.

Occupation: Assistant Manager Tim Hortons

Other Facts: I am a hard working Father of 3. Married to my loving wife for 7 years now.  Born and raised in western NY. I like working on my cars and hanging outside during the summer months. I did 1 WKA race in 2005 at summit point. I can’t remember what the kart was but it was not a shifter, (enduro something) I have a cousin Rick he raced a few ARCA races, 2000 ish. That is how I got to do the Kart race. 

Luke King

Hometown: Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

Hobbies: Flying radio-controlled aircraft, gym, gaming (CGSO and Sim Racing), working on race cars and drag racing

Occupation: Full-time computer programming student, part-time real estate agent

Other facts: Quite a few years of Sim Racing experience. Started way back in Gran Turismo 3 and F1 2001. Moved to Gran Turismo 4 and Assetto Corsa before discovering iRacing. Real life motorsports interests include Formula 1 (favourite driver – Kimi Raikkonen, ranked also as my all-time favourite driver), WEC (favourite driver – Kamui Kobayashi) and Formula Drift (favourite driver – ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett)

Santtu Mäkinen

Hometown: Tampere, Finland

Hobbies: Fishing, Cooking and Gaming

Occupation: Student

Other facts: My favourite F1 drivers are Kimi Räikkönen and Daniel Ricciardo. I have watched F1 as long as I can remember. I don’t even remember missing a race for at least 15 years. Also a big fan of MotoGP and WRC.

Fabian Jungbluth

Hometown: Siegen, Germany

Hobbies: let’s leave this blank ok?

Occupation: Jobless but hoping to change that in the summer

Other facts:


Winner of Indy 500 8th split 2017

2nd place of Indy 500 2018 6th split

Winner of 12h Sebring in C7 2nd split 2017

3rd place of Petit Lemans C-Spec Top split 2016

Member of simracingdeutschland

Driving in the DGTM and vVLN league series

Eric Bourduas

Hometown: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Hobbies: Gaming, Track days/time attack, Tech/PC building

Occupation: Web Application Developer

Other facts: Been daily driving an Evo IX since 2010, which also serves as my track car during the summer

Gabriel Alejandro Legnini     

Hometown:     Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina

Hobbies:          Simracing!

Occupation:    Instruments Maintenance Officer

Other facts:

Been doing simracing online since 2007. Before running on iRacing regularly, I was champion on a national rFactor league LMP1 championship, driving a Peugeot 908 HDI FAP, and a special event of 2 hours with a 1970 Ferrari 312P. Biggest accolades in iRacing are winning 3rd split of 120 Minutes of Thunder by ISR TV back in 2012, driving a Riley DP, and getting a DSD button box as a price; and last season winning the Kamel GT World Series championship, driving a Nissan GTP (perhaps prototypes are my kind of car?).  Not much spare time nowadays being married with two kids, but I love sim racing too much to stop it altogether, even when life throws curveballs that can force me some months away. Besides that, I’m a nut of cooking big meals in a plough disk on the fire! A bit of a sidestep from the typical Argentine who just loves to roast every kind of meat you can think of.

My brother races IRL on a regional Rally Raid style championship called CANAV, with emphasis on navigation. Was a champion in quads at seasons 2016 and 2017. For budget reasons, he switched to a navigation role for another driver from 2018, racing on a SxS. For 2019 they are switching again to the car class, on a pickup truck!

Luke Barton

Hometown: London, UK

Hobbies: Simracing, Raving, Boardgaming

Occupation: Software Engineer

Other facts:

When I was a kid I used to think F1 was the worst. Now I wake up in the middle of the night to watch it!