Jacob Tofts

Hometown: Hatfield Heath

Hobbies: Sim-racing, Formula Ford race mechanic, car design, cycling and go-karting

Occupation: SIMSPORTNews Editor

Other Facts: My dad races cars and I am his mechanic, I have been sim-racing for a year. My favourite drivers are my dad (Neil Tofts), Daniel Riccardo, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.


David Roffe

Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA

Hobbies: Sim-racing, karting, mountain biking, hiking

Occupation: Web Developer

Other Facts: Favourite drivers are Dan Gurney and Mark Donohue


Luis Emerton 

Hometown: Coventry, UK

Hobbies: Simracing, shooting and whitewater kayaking

Occupation: Applications Engineer

Other Facts: Really enjoyed the WEC last season, Nicki Thiim has to be my favourite driver.


Austin Brewer

Hometown: Ipswich, Suffolk UK

Hobbies: Motorsport, amateur photography, exploring everything.

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Other Facts: I learnt to walk before I could crawl, I eat anything but peas and I daily-drive a Volvo 480 Celebration.


Chris Skinner

Hometown: Rochester NY USA

Hobbies: SimRacing, Fishing, Anime, and playing with my kids.

Occupation: Assistant Manager Tim Hortons

Other Facts: I am a hard working Father of 3. Married to my loving wife for 7 years now.  Born and raised in western NY. I like working on my cars and hanging outside during the summer months. I did 1 WKA race in 2005 at summit point. I can’t remember what the kart was but it was not a shifter, (enduro something) I have a cousin Rick he raced a few ARCA races, 2000 ish. That is how I got to do the Kart race. 


Luke King

Hometown: Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

Hobbies: Flying radio-controlled aircraft, gym, gaming (CGSO and Sim Racing), working on race cars and drag racing

Occupation: Full-time computer programming student, part-time real estate agent

Other facts: Quite a few years of Sim Racing experience. Started way back in Gran Turismo 3 and F1 2001. Moved to Gran Turismo 4 and Assetto Corsa before discovering iRacing. Real life motorsports interests include Formula 1 (favourite driver – Kimi Raikkonen, ranked also as my all-time favourite driver), WEC (favourite driver – Kamui Kobayashi) and Formula Drift (favourite driver – ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett)


Santtu Mäkinen

Hometown: Tampere, Finland

Hobbies: Fishing, Cooking and Gaming

Occupation: Student

Other facts: My favourite F1 drivers are Kimi Räikkönen and Daniel Ricciardo. I have watched F1 as long as I can remember. I don’t even remember missing a race for at least 15 years. Also a big fan of MotoGP and WRC.


Fabian Jungbluth

Hometown: Siegen, Germany

Hobbies: let’s leave this blank ok?

Occupation: Jobless but hoping to change that in the summer

Other facts:


Winner of Indy 500 8th split 2017

2nd place of Indy 500 2018 6th split

Winner of 12h Sebring in C7 2nd split 2017

3rd place of Petit Lemans C-Spec Top split 2016

Member of simracingdeutschland

Driving in the DGTM and vVLN league series


Simon Ehses

Hometown: Kirschweiler, Germany

Hobbies: Sports shooting, SimRacing, Real Motorsport, Handball

Occupation: Electronics technician and IT-Student.

Other facts:

Team boss until 05/2018 and now only Driver and Painter for GTTempel Racing Team.

Team boss, Driver and Painter of the SimRacing Team from the Automobil Motorsport Club Birkenfeld e.V. (AMC Birkenfeld) in the official ADAC Digital Cup in Germany.
Also Boss of the DGTM from SimRacing Deutschland e.V. The biggest iRacing GT3-Series in Germany.

Also in the Organisation Team at the iRacing Series on the SimRacing Expo Events.


Eric Bourduas

Hometown: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Hobbies: Gaming, Track days/time attack, Tech/PC building

Occupation: Web Application Developer

Other facts: Been daily driving an Evo IX since 2010, which also serves as my track car during the summer


Martin Christensen

Hometown: Odder, Denmark

Hobbies: Sim-racing, Motorsport, Go-karting, Football, Mountain/road biking and Running

Occupation: Currently I am still in school. I am finishing my last year in the Danish upper secondary school and I graduate from the Academy for Talented Youth this winter.

Other facts: I am 18 years old, and for as long as I can remember racing and motorsport, in general, have been a huge part of my life. My dad has a degree in technical engineering and is, therefore, the main reason why I got into motorsport in the first place. We have visited many of the European race tracks together, and after the Formula One race at Hockenheim Ring in 2010, I decided to begin Sim-racing.     


Gabriel Alejandro Legnini     

Hometown:     Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina

Hobbies:          Simracing!

Occupation:    Instruments Maintenance Officer

Other facts:

Been doing simracing online since 2007. Before running on iRacing regularly, I was champion on a national rFactor league LMP1 championship, driving a Peugeot 908 HDI FAP, and a special event of 2 hours with a 1970 Ferrari 312P. Biggest accolades in iRacing are winning 3rd split of 120 Minutes of Thunder by ISR TV back in 2012, driving a Riley DP, and getting a DSD button box as a price; and last season winning the Kamel GT World Series championship, driving a Nissan GTP (perhaps prototypes are my kind of car?).  Not much spare time nowadays being married with two kids, but I love sim racing too much to stop it altogether, even when life throws curveballs that can force me some months away. Besides that, I’m a nut of cooking big meals in a plough disk on the fire! A bit of a sidestep from the typical Argentine who just loves to roast every kind of meat you can think of.

My brother races IRL on a regional Rally Raid style championship called CANAV, with emphasis on navigation. Was a champion in quads at seasons 2016 and 2017. For budget reasons, he switched to a navigation role for another driver from 2018, racing on a SxS. For 2019 they are switching again to the car class, on a pickup truck!


David Buitelaar


Hometown:     Limoges, France

Hobbies: iRacing, music and 3D design

Occupation: Architect

Other facts:

Originally a Dutch guy, living in France since 2005, 44 years old, wife and a daughter. I love doing 3D design and rendering productions with Cad-programs since 1995. I love spending my time in the gym (running 10km) and I love karting on outside tracks, I always dreamt about being a racing driver as a little boy, and since I discovered iRacing, I think I realised my dream. I’ve followed F1 since 1988 and it’s my only hobby.


Luke Barton


Hometown: London, UK

Hobbies: Simracing, Raving, Boardgaming

Occupation: Software Engineer

Other facts:

When I was a kid I used to think F1 was the worst. Now I wake up in the middle of the night to watch it!