In the week before Zandvoort in the pro series it became apparent that Stephen Michaels was not enjoying his time at Positive SimRacing, and in the week after Michaels had seemed to have left PSR without a trace, only a select few knowing what was going on behind closed doors.

Michaels is Race Clutch’s first driver running in the iWCGPS

But nothing was announced until a couple of weeks ago when PSR announced that Michaels would be leaving the team due to some contractual issues. Weeks after the original speculation began. Even at that point a new team wasn’t confirmed.

Meanwhile, the iRacing Le Mans Series community representative, Rebecca Pauline started to look for a team of her own after a year on the iRacing Service. She had over 5000 iRating to show for her talent.

Both drivers started to talk to Richard Arnaud, the team manager at Race Clutch. With the teams aspirations to compete in both road pro series the drivers seemed to be a great fit.

Yohann Harth and Thomas Gerstenberg are competing the pro RX championship this year. Pauline has aspirations to join them next year as well.

Michaels is already a pro driver running in the World Championship GP Series as the sole Race Clutch car. And Pauline wants to run in the new GTE pro series that has the qualifications taking place in season one of 2019.

It seems like a great place for both drivers, with a new team that is on the rise at the rate it is. It won’t be long until we see more world championship drivers racing under the Race Clutch name.

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