With just one round left after Interlagos, the AM championship was pretty much wrapped up with Steven Van Opstal having a 189 point lead over Adam McNally. But the PRO championship was far from it, with just seven points separating Sonny Kanchin and Eerõ Nomm going into the race it was all to play for.

Kanchin, once again would be on pole, with two AM drivers, Anwar Beroual-Smith in second and Van Opstal in third. Nomm would start in fourth, some ground to be made up if he wanted to stop Kanchin from getting a fourth MWT title.

Kanchin got a great start and immediately moved over to the left to cover Beroual-Smith on the inside before turn one. The start was clean, Nomm had made it up to third with Robert Hartley gaining three positions after three corners from the back of the pack.

Beroual-Smith made the move for the lead at the Senna Esses on lap four, Kanchin would only allow him to leave for the straight after before trying to re-gain the lead, but Beroual-Smith was able to hold the position. However Kanchin gained the lead a lap later around the outside of turn one, Nomm would also gain positions and get up to second place.

Gene Fiddes came in to the pits on lap eight, the first driver to come into the pits. He would run on his own, without draft, which could prove crucial if he doesn’t have the pace to run on his own. Nomm would come in on lap eleven, he was able to stay ahead of Fiddes by just over two seconds. Tom Rathje and Hartley came in next time by, Nomm and Fiddes beat them both out of the lane, but they were in drafting range.

The front four came in with eight laps to go, Sonny Kanchin spun on the exit of pit road, Overgaard spun in avoidance. But the main thing now was the fact that the championship leader was in sixth place, and his main rival was in the lead.

Beroual-Smith made the move for the lead on Nomm at turn one with seven laps left. Hartley would make a move for second a lap later at turn three, he made the move stick, moving Nomm down to third. Nomm would re-gain the position a lap later at the same corner.

Nomm was able to get back up into the lead with just four laps to go. Tom Rathje made the move on Hartley at turn three, promoting him up to third place. Nomm and Beroual-Smith were able to build a gap as the cars behind battled for third place.

On the final lap, Rathje made contact with Hartley from third place, Hartley was sent into a half-spin, and was moved down to sixth place with Rathje in front. Kanchin would come home in eight place with a damaged MX-5. With Nomm winning just, with an out-of-fuel Beroual-Smith coming home in second place.

Steven Van Opstal would win the AM championship with a third place finish, he will surely be promoted to a PRO class driver next year and want to take the title fight to Kanchin and Nomm.

Next time out it will be the final race of the 15th season of the Heusinkeld Mazda MX-5 World Tour, it will be a double distance, double points race at the infamous Imola Circuit in Italy. Nomm will want to beat Kanchin to his fourth world tour title, but Kanchin will want to win his fourth, it will be a truly thrilling race to see who comes out on top.

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