More than 66,000 online gamers from across the world were whittled down to 40. 40 of the best in the world.

The 40 drivers went through a three day assessment programme, before being ranked, and finally picked by all current F1 teams excluding Ferrari. Teams could choose up to a maximum of three and a minimum of one on Monday night, but they have until the 3rd September this year to complete their three driver teams.

The order the teams went in to choose their drivers was selected randomly. The first was Williams Esports who chose 18 year old, finish driver Tino Naukkarinen. Williams were to only choose one driver on the night and select two others at a different time.

Force India would do the same, but have two already lined up that go by the name of Marcel Keifer and Mads Sorensen. The two would be driving alongside Fabrizio Donoso Delgado, who showed his class last year when coming second overall, behind the dominant Brendon Leigh who was not at the event.

Olli Pahkala, the fan favourite because of his relaxed and humorous lifestyle would be the first and only driver to be picked on the night for the newly formed McLaren Shadow team.

With two brothers in the top 40 everyone wanted the two to get picked by the same team. Salih Saltunc was the first of the two Saltunc brothers to be picked for Sauber. His brother Sonuc would have to wait until the final pick of the night to be chosen to drive alongside his brother at Sauber.

Graham Carrol and Joni Tormala would be picked by Max Verstappen at Red Bull. Joni was the class of the field in the sim racing assessment before the drivers were ranked.


Cem Bolukbasi, who was ranked as the top driver, had to wait until the seventh pick to be announced as a Toro Rosso driver alongside Patrick Holzmann.

Many drivers said this was a life changing opportunity, and with sim racing and esports growing at the rate they are, it seems like they will be at the forefront of it all.

Confirmed 2018 F1 eSports Drivers So Far


Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport
Daniel Bereznay

Red Bull Racing eSports
Joni Tormala, Graham Carroll

Renault Sport Team Vitality
Sven Zurner, Kimmy Larsson, James Doherty

Haas F1
Martin Stefanko, Michal Smidl

Hype Energy eForce India
Fabrizio Donoso Delgado

McLaren Shadow
Olli Pahkala

Toro Rosso
Cem Bolukbasi, Patrick Holzmann

Salih Saltunc, Allert van der Wal, Sonuc Saltunc

Williams eSports
Tino Naukkarinen

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