Trade relations with Canada and the US might be a little rocky right now, but that doesn’t mean that the Lionheart Series isn’t looking forward to going back to Canada! This is the HPP Simulation Grand Prix of Ontario, at the twisting, turning, and blindingly fast Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, better known as Mosport.

HPP is the sponsor for Round 8, as well as the presenting sponsor of the Lionheart Retro Series.  They will be awarding the winner of the 2018 IndyCar Championship their HSW-F wheel valued at $1,490, while the winner of the Retro Series will receive a set of HPP’s  3P-PRX-SE Pedals valued at $1395. For more information on HPP’s top quality products, please visit

Last time out in Motegi, saw Dustin Wardlow breakthrough for his first IndyCar win. “The Candyman” had been close several times before, but had always met with misfortune. This time though, Wardlow ran the perfect race, working a 2 stop strategy to perfection while holding off a charging Dan Geren. Brian Yaczik lead for much of the race, and had the fastest lap, but had to settle for 4th, behind championship leader Andrew Kinsella, after a 3 stop strategy and a self-spin. Michael Goodman rounded out the top 5 with another solid road course performance.

Lionheart heads to Mosport for the 2nd time in league history.  Last season saw Jake Wright win over Ryan Otis, leading all but two laps in the 100-mile event. With additional laps added this year, it looks to be another interesting round with the possibility of being another race where fuel strategy plays a pivotal role.

Mosport is a track where the slightest mistake may end some drivers race in a big way.  The high-speed corners leave no room for error, while going off track at Mosport means getting into a small patch of grass, which in-turn sends drivers sliding straight into the barriers that closely line the circuit.  Even skilled drivers like Dan Geren found himself with an unfortunate DNF after last years event.

Andrew Kinsella continues to lead the way in the championship standings, currently 44 points ahead of Yaczik who gained a position after Round 7.  Jason Galvin despite missing a race is sitting -65 points back from Kinsella in 3rd position.  In his home race, Kinsella will be looking to continue his improved form on road courses this season. A top 10 contender last year on the road, Kinsella has more often than not seen himself in the top 5 this season; a factor that has helped him solidify the top spot in the Championship. The Canadian will be forced to miss the Michigan round next week, however, so Kinsella will need a solid run at Mosport in hopes of keeping his place atop the standings.

Another Canadian, Robert Blouin, celebrates his 100th Lionheart IndyCar Series start at Mosport.  Robert Blouin continues to lead the league in the cleanest driver standings with some impressive numbers.  He sits with just 6 incident points across 7 races for an 0.86 average. The quiet Canadian is known for bringing home cars in one piece, a skill which is very important at a tough track like Mostport.

Dan Geren is still working on getting the monkey off his back for 2018 had a great running at Motegi Road. Finishing P2 and gaining 6 positions in the standings, Geren is now sitting in 10th overall in the standings. However, last years runner up in points is a full 124 points back of Kinsella. Geren is looking for another strong finish on the fast road circuit but will need to do better then his 27th place finish last season.

Adrenaline Motorsport continues to dominate the team championship for 2018.  Winning 4 out of 7 races so far this season and now +100 points ahead of Synergy Motorsports who moved into 2nd overall after Round 7.  A well-balanced team of oval and road specialists, currently lead the league in top 10’s and top 5’s.

Synergy Motorsports, chasing Adrenaline, certainly seems to be the team that’s their closest competitors.  Sitting 2nd overall in top 5’s and 3rd in top 10’s. Synergy also leads the league in bonus points (22), pole positions (3), and laps completed. With an improving Dan Geren and Dustin Wardlow, along with solid performances from Ron Hacker, Brandon Limkemann and Jorge Anzaldo, Synergy is hoping the next few weeks will start to eat in to Adrenaline’s lead.

The HPP Simulation Grand Prix of Ontario takes place Wednesday June 20th at 10:35pm eastern only on GSRC and iRacing Live.


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