Round seven of the iRacing Grand Prix Series is at the old Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit. iRacing scanned the old layout before the track that we all know today was implemented into the old layout. However there are rumours that iRacing will be heading back to England this year to re-scan the circuit and bring it to the service.

Qualifying saw the Coanda boys and girls get a car on pole again, this time it was Martin Krönke, followed by last rounds winner Greger Huttu in second. The first of the improving Apex Racing UK cars was Peter Berryman in third. FA Racing G2 Logitech G had a car out in the series for the first time since round two at Phillip Island, Frederik Rasmussen would qualify the sole FA Racing G2 car this time out in tenth place.

The start was clean with Krönke keeping his lead. With three corners to go on the first lap, Antoine Higelin got tagged from behind by an Orion Race Team car, rolling the Frenchman’s car over, into the gravel trap, and back onto his tyres before continuing on his way. He would have to later retire because of an increase in tyre wear caused by suspension damage.

Mitchel DeJong went for the move on Joshua K Rogers with four corners left on the 13th lap of the race. He was able to get the car down the inside without contact. DeJong was instantly creating a gap between himself and the 5th place car of Joshua K Rogers.

On lap 17 Mack Bakkum came into the pits from ninth place, followed by Rasmussen. Bakkum came out behind Mogar Filho, but he was able to get passed him after Maggots and Beckets. Bakkum jumped Marcus Jensen in the pit stop faze, after they pitted a lap later.

Huttu came in to pit on lap 19, to try the undercut on the leader. Martin Krönke stayed out another lap to try the over-cut, something very risky once you take the difference between old and new tyres into account. Krönke came in the next time by. Sure enough Huttu got in front of Krönke, a major strategic mistake from VRS Coanda Simsport, unless they are able to turn it into a positive when Martin has more late race pace to make the move on Huttu. Just like he did to DeJong at Watkins Glen.

Krönke was able to catch Huttu quickly, but he stayed behind the Redline car, to save fuel and ERS to make a move for the lead easier.

Martin Krönke came in to the pits on lap 39 to attempt the undercut on the now under pressure, Greger Huttu. Huttu unsurprisingly came in to the pits next time by. He hit his box perfectly, but had a slower stop, resulting in him being jumped by Krönke.

DeJong finally came in to pit for the final time on lap 43. He came out in fourth place, eight seconds behind Peter Berryman. Berryman was able to build the gap to 11.7 seconds in the course of the next six laps.

With four laps to go, Joshua K Rogers’ tyres had gone off of the cliff, and Bakkum was able to go for a late move down the inside at Vale. They touched wheels and Rogers had to cut across the grass. Bakkum was not able to make the move stick but it would only be a matter of time, with Rogers tyres getting worse and worse.

Martin Krönke would cross the finish line first, he would return to winning form, after Coanda’s winning streak was broken last time out by the second place finisher, Greger Huttu. Peter Berryman would finish in third place, another great result for Apex Racing UK who have been getting quicker and quicker every round this year.




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