The sixth round of the iRacing Grand Prix Series was at Watkins Glen, a track that would return to the iWCGPS calendar for the 2018 season.

Mitchell DeJong would, once again, put his VRS Coanda SimSport McLaren MP4-30 on pole position after aborting his second timed lap, Greger Huttu would start in third place, behind his championship rival from the 2017 season, Martin Krönke in second. The championship leader, Mack Bakkum, would start in ninth place after another average qualifying performance.

Once the lights had gone out, the whole field got away cleanly, with Huttu immediately going for a move on Martin Krönke, he was able to get passed at turn five after being boxed in by the two Coanda boys on the back straight. Championship leader, Mack Bakkum was struggling to get past the Apex Racing UK driver of Antoine Higelin.  Seven laps in, Bakkum finally gained a position on Marcus Jensen after he was passed by Higelin a lap earlier.

Freek Schothorst crashed at turn three mid way through the esses, hitting the outside wall, after some snap oversteer, which sent him into the inside wall uncontrollably. Marcus Jensen was the first driver to pit, on lap 14.

At the end of lap seventeen the mid-pack drivers of Peter Berryman, Joshua K Rogers, Jamie Fluke, Yuta Saito, Kazuki Oomishima and Mogar Filho came in to make their first pitstop of the race. At the end of the next lap the leaders came in to pit, DeJong, Huttu and Krönke hit their boxes perfectly, Huttu came out closer to the rear of DeJong, giving him DRS to assist a passing manoeuvre for the lead if he needed it. The new race leader, Mack Bakkam came in a lap later, meaning he would loose about two seconds because he stayed out a lap longer, this meant he was shuffled back to ninth, behind Antoine Higelin, who was on older tyres making a pass easier.

With 33 laps to go, Bakkum made the move on Pietilä and Higelin all at once on the back straight. Higelin was able to pass Pietilä later on in the lap as well, after a great, clean battle that lasted for three corners. Bakkum was able to get passed Rogers later, to put him in sixth place, after a slow start to the race. Bakkum was later able to catch Marcus Jensen, and make another easy pass on the back straight to move him up to position number five.

DeJong and Krönke came in on lap 38, with Huttu staying out to attempt an over cut. Huttu unsurprisingly came in a lap later, DeJong came out in front, but Huttu made it out in front of Krönke. DeJong was able to pull away at the start of the stint, but towards the end, when his tyres had degraded, Huttu was the quicker driver.

Huttu was able to dramatically gain on Mitchell DeJong on the back straight, after saving his ERS for two laps. He was pressuring the VRS Coanda SimSport number 24 for the whole of lap 52 and 53. Huttu was closer than ever with two laps to go, but he wanted to wait until the last lap to reduce the chances of DeJong getting back past. He was four tenths behind at the start of the straight on the final lap, but with DRS and ERS to assist him he was able to gain on DeJong rapidly. DeJong defended the onside of turn four, meaning Greger would have to go around the outside, however Huttu couldn’t carry the momentum, so he had to give up the position, and try later on in the lap. At the Heel, Huttu went for the inside of DeJong, DeJong was not able to defend, allowing Greger Huttu to take the lead with four corners to go.

This win would mean that Greger Huttu would still go undefeated at Watkins Glen in the iRacing Grand Prix Series. It would also be his first victory since Nurburgring 2016. With Silverstone next time out, a track that is similar to the Glen, the teams should be able to take the set for here and develop it to hopefully challenge for higher positions.

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