The final round of the DGFX Clubsport series would race at Watkins Glen for the 2.4 hours. Hugh Jass got pole in the Club class followed by Vapex Racing Group GT Red. The Club championship leaders going into the race were FitzSty Motorsport, that qualified in fourth place, knowing that they would not need to win the race to become champions and a fourth place finish would be enough.

In the Sport class Disabled Motorsport got pole with WR Racing B in second place. SIMSPORTNews Race Team had their Mazda MX-5 racing, starting in 5th place. The drivers were Jacob Tofts and Gianni Quintelier, who would be driving in his last race for the team since his move to Torque Freak Racing, a top endurance racing team that had two cars racing at the front of the Club championship, at the start of 2018. Jacob Tofts would be doing the first stint after qualifying the car in an ok P5, in between qualification and the race Tofts said, “In qualifying I couldn’t get the draft to work well with the other Mazdas, the time I set was still not on par with our practice race pace. It’s defiantly put us on the back foot for the race, but it may help us stay out of trouble within our class when we start to get lapped by the Porsches.”

The two hours and twenty-four minute clock started ticking when the Hugh Jass number 33 Porsche crossed the start finish line. Both car classes got away cleanly with each driver being patient, waiting to save fuel and make some overtakes during the pitstop windows. With four corners left to go on the first lap F4H Motorsport made the move for second place cleanly.

The MX-5 field had kept it clean with no major position changes, Fusion Racing were leading the pack as everyone got into their fuel saving rhythm to attempt to eliminate a splash and dash towards the end of the race.

Two laps in the championship leaders FitzySty Motorsport got onto the grass at the penultimate corner, which sent them spinning into the inside wall, the contact resulted in a bent steering column and damage to the left front wing. Meaning they would need to come in to the pits, heavily reducing their chances of winning the championship.

Just ten minutes into the race Disabled Motorsports got a tap from the second place car of Fusion Racing mid-way through turn ten. This sent them spinning into the inside wall like the FitzySty Porsche, but this time, the car came out with much more damage. That same lap the Club class caught the Sport class, causing some crazy and daring moves from the Porsches to get past the Mazdas without losing a position.

The Mazda class would see another crash with five minutes left until the two-hour to go mark, the Fusion Racing car squeezed the car onto the grass, both cars spun hard in to the outside, then the inside wall, Fusion Racing would retire from the race, with the car still lapping, but with heavy damage.

With one hour and 40 minutes to go the Club class leaders, Hugh Jass, came in for their stop, they didn’t take tyres like some of the other teams, giving them track position going into the second stint.

Jacob Tofts came into the pits to end his first stint in the Mazda class from second position, he would hand the car over to Gianni, who would be doing another full stint before handing the car back to Jacob to finish the race. The car came out of the pits in the class lead after an overtake on Fusion Red.

Just a couple of minutes after the hour to go mark came and went, the Fusion Red car was being lapped by a Porsche going into the Chute, the Mazda was sent spinning into the wall, with heavy front end damage that would result in their retirement with an hour to go. Two laps later Gianni Quintelier came in to the pits to hand the SIMSPORTNews Race Team Mazda MX-5 over to Jacob Tofts for him to finish the race.

Team Hugh Jass crossed the finish line first, meaning they would win the Club championship, followed by F4H Motorsport Redgate, who would take second place in the race. In the Sport class it was SIMSPORTNews Race Team that would take win with a lap in hand on the second place team WR Racing B, who would take the Sport championship win.




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