It was announced earlier today by Jacob Tofts that SIMSPORTNews would be running an academy alongside SIMSPORTNews Race Team.

Founder Jacob Tofts said, “The academy will help bring young, up and coming drivers through the ranks, there are loads and loads of drivers out there that haven’t been seen yet by big or growing teams, the academy will offer these drivers a place to learn the ropes quicker with the help of the driver coaches.”

One of our coaches, Luis Emerton, wants the programme to be up and running by the start of the fourth season this year. After discussion in board meetings, he feels its important to ensure drivers are given the support they need, so they can get up to speed quickly to join the main team [SIMSPORTNews Race Team].

Drivers can follow the link at the bottom to register for the season four academy, there aren’t any requirements, the heads of the academy will select fifteen drivers from the list will be contacted a couple of weeks before the new season starts. Once the drivers are in they will be able to have a free 1 hour coaching session in any supported series or car by the driving coaches.

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