This week sees a big change from Mosport to Monza. Where multiclass racing has ample space and allows drivers to fight hard for positions. In either car this is a fantastic track, very high speed zones leading into heavy braking areas with corners which suit either car class.

Qualifying was a quick affair with Arto Ihamaki claiming pole, followed by Jamie Hall and Rob Olejniczak. Pole in the GTO class was claimed by Ove Trengereid, followed by Carl E Jansson and Jouko Leskela.

Lap one proved to be fairly incident free, Jamie Hall challenged for the lead but was unable to slow the car down and had to continue onto the exit road, picking up a slow down, this dropped him to 7th. In the GTO field it was a very aggressive start with drivers going 3 wide into the chicane, somehow there was no contact but Jouko was the loser in this situation and dropped many places. On lap two Robl was pushing hard to claim the lead, unfortunately he got into a slide in the chicane and was collected by Fabian Gerber. This caused everybody to almost stop in the chicane to avoid the incident. This lead to a couple more incidents, but nothing major. After this Tapanni was up to 2nd with Rob dropped to 3rd. The GTO cars were racing very hard at this stage of the race, with Phillip Lake moving to 2nd and Ville Ruolo taking the lead. 


Unfortunately things did not improve for Jamie Hall, he was clearly pushing very hard to make up the places that he had lost, he spun in the first Lesmo and hit the wall. Feeling he couldn’t continue he elected to take a tow back to the hits, ending his day.

The draft was proving very strong for the GTO’s with very long trains forming with drivers changing places every corner. Carl E Jansson used this to his benefit and overtook Ville for the lead into T1. A monumental battle was going on behind, between Michael Houghton, Ben Laughter, Franco Scuri and Kevin Binkley. This battle would continue right until the chequered flag.

Fabian Gerber was the hard charger in the GTP field, pushing very hard to make up the spaces he lost when he made contact with Rob Olejniczak. He quickly caught and passed Luis Emerton, John Keefe was the next target. John was keeping Fabian behind and was making the most of the traffic to stay ahead. Unfortunately he spun just before the first Lesmo. Tapanni had dropped to 4th after making contact with Rob in T1. As the GTP field caught the GTO’s it was clear that it would be a much easier situation compared to Mosport last week. The extra space at Monza was very helpful, the only difficult place to pass being the final chicane. Being a high speed corner it naturally plays to the Nissans strength, but is impossible to pass the Audi during the corner. Nicolas Mukanos was proving to be the most consistent driver at this stage, he started 7th but was up to 4th with 15 minutes left. He had remained out of trouble until now and was looking at a very strong result. Nicolas’ luck held and he was up to 2nd as other drivers had problems before the finish.

Final Results


1 Tapani Linnaluoto

2 Nicholas Mukanos

3 Antti Lepistö

4 Rob Olejniczak

5 Fabian Gerber

6 Arto Ihamäki

7 Luis Emerton

8 Fabian Jungbluth

9 Clayton Macleod 

10 John Keefe


1 Carl E Jansson

2 Michel de Jonge

3 Ville Ruola

4 Ove Trengereid

5 Philip Lake

6 Franco Scuri

7 Kevin Binkley

8 Marko Kiikka

9 Michael Houghton

10 Hideki Koivisto

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