The 3rd race of the VRS GT WC went to Monza. At the last race at Sebring we had a nice battle between P.RT and FA G2 with a victory for P.R.T. This week we expected and even closer battle with more cars close to each other because Monza is a draft track. We had 2 races and 2 different winners. TTL Esports and P.R.T. But many more teams are looking to get their first victory. VRS Coanda, CoRe SimRacing, Vendaval SimRacing, FA G2 and many more.

But we had some nice surprises in qualifying. First of all the pole went to SimuCube Inex Racing. They had an amazing qualifying with a 3rd place for their sister car. The second nice surprise where the cars. SimuCube qualified on pole with a McLaren and 3rd with a Ferarri. iRacing managed a great job on the BoP getting all the GT3 cars close together. Second in qualifying was CoRe Simracing Black. In my opinion the most consistent qualifier in the beginning of the season and maybe we could get a first win for VRS Coanda qualifying in 4th. Former race winners TTL Esports and P.R.T managed to get P6 and P10.

SimuCube leading the race in front of VRS Coanda Simsport and trouble for TTL Esports

Monza is Monza

Unfortunately the first corner at Monza has a reputation for big crashes. And the Pro series didn’t escaped from a big incident. The biggest loser in the incident where P.R.T. They had to start the race all the way from the back and made another mistake a few laps later. Another car in front that had trouble was the CoRe SimRacing Black car. After a very good qualifying on the front row they had a incident on their own. At the beginning of the race we had a battle between SimuCube and VRS Coanda. Coanda played to fuel saving game at the beginning of the race. But didn’t manage to pass Simucube after the first pitstops because they took tires in the first pitstop. Other teams where able to make up a lot of positions. About halfway trough the second stint SimuCube was still leading the race and showed the McLaren didn’t only have a fast qualifying lap but also a great race pace. But Dream Factory, JIM racing, FA G2 and Radicals got into the top 5. Because of the close racing and the choice to pick tires in the first or second pitstop a lot of positions changed after the second pitstops. SimuCube was still leading the race. They already had a 10s gap. Everyone thought they would win the race. But another surprise this race. Team #33 got into second and was going fast! They closed the gap, in the final lap they got closer and closer. With a great over and under move Kay Kaschube managed to pass SimuCube in the final corner of the race! Another great finish in this series after the last one at Sebring. This one was even closer. But equally exciting.

The close difference between Team #33 and SimuCube Inex Racing

Team #33 took the victory in front of SimuCube Inex Racings McLaren. VRS Coanda #8 took the last podium spot. JIM Racing and Thrustmaster Mivano rounded out the top 5. A Mercedes in front of a McLaren and Audi and a BMW. BoP looking great, racing getting close and drivers at the best of there performances. Everything is looking great for the next round at the Nurburgring for a 6h race.

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