Round 9 of the Heusinkveld Mazda MX-5 World tour was held at Brands Hatch Indy. The small track famous for it’s trilling BTCC races predicted an exciting race. But also a difficult one for leaders and backmarkers to sort everything out.  

Everyone Made It Safely Through Turn 1 And 2

The chamionship protagonists Sonny Kanchin and Eerõ Nomm started at the front row. Richard Worth, Marcello Pagnan and Gene Fiddes filled up the top 5 at the starting grid. Micheal Wright was the leading Am-class driver at the starting line.  

At the beginning of the race the waiting game was played among the front drivers. The main reason for this was the 51 laps the drivers had to do. With no long straights in the circuit to rest a bit, everyone had to be focused the whole time.  

When the pitstops started to take place there was a big moment when Eerõ Nomm blew his engine entering the pits! Race over. Will this decide the championship. He can’t let anything go wrong in the next races and he will have to depend on a bad race from Sonny.  

The Moment It All Went Wrong For Nomm

After the pitstops Marcello Pagnan passed Richard Losper who was now battling for p3. One of the most amazing battles in MWT this season. Worth, Thissen, Flis and Schwenke showed how great the racing in the Mazda MX-5 can be. Worth:”From lap 30 or so my front tyres were totally shot, the last 15 laps it was like driving with slicks in the rain. It was a struggle to keep the car on track let alone 3 cars behind.” Thissen had a small miscalculation at turn one of the last lap. Getting both, him and Worth, off track and leaving p3 for Travis Schwenke.  

Kanchin in P1, Pagnan in P2 and Schwenke in P3. A full Asbury Motorsports podium. Also in the AM-class AMS took the victory with Jordie Fike who had a great battle with Sara Dove. Both finishing in top 10. 

One more thing has to be mentioned. Alltought there where a lot off lapped drivers on this small circuit. No major incidents happened. This shows how serious this league is and the profesionalism of all the drivers.  

Next race of the Heusinkveld Mazda MX-5 World Tour is on Saturday the 6th of January at Oran Park.  

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