After last weekend’s Sprint race ran an extra lap, iRacing and Porsche have decided to remove the points scored from the round and schedule another Le Mans round later this year.

The sprint race ran an extra lap, causing drivers to pit for fuel, however teams that had done practice races were aware of the extra lap and were fuelled accordingly, these teams were Redline, Red Bull Racing Esports and Apex Racing Team. VRS Coanda Simsport were the worst affected, with five drivers pitting for fuel and four run out on the final lap.

The Nürburgring round in a few weeks is expected to now be run to a lap limit, instead of the usual 15-minute Sprint and 30-minute Feature race that the series runs to.

Although drivers got to keep any prizemoney they got from the races, some drivers were not happy about the lost points, suggesting a drop week being added to the series.

This seemed to have happened because the race was only three laps, and for the game to decide when it should throw the white flag it needs an average lap. But seen as lap one isn’t counted, it only had lap two to work from and required an extra lap to run before showing the white flag.

Le Mans is expected to be run once again towards the end of the season, however, iRacing are still committing to Monza being the season finale for the second season in a row.

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