The inaugural winner of the Porsche Esports Supercup, Joshua Rogers has now moved to Germany, and the VRS Coanda Simsport team house, a first for simracing. We had a chat with him to see how he’s prepared for round 1 at Zandvoort, his plans for the season as well as life in the house.

Q: What do you think gave you the edge last season?

A: Honestly for me it was definitely the preparation coming into the season, as a team we all worked incredibly hard to ensure we had the best car we could have had for the beginning and that effort seemed to carry through to later on in the year. Also, for me personally having such a talented group of people around me within the team enabled me to improve myself in more ways than I could have imagined, I feel that’s what helped me the most.

Q: What change would you make to the series before round one?

A: Honestly the championship this year is looking great! Some changes and improvements have come in so the championship should be more exciting than ever!

Q: What are your personal thoughts on the team house, what are the future plans for it?

A: It’s just a massive opportunity for myself, the team, and sim racing as a whole. It’s been fantastic so far and I’m massively looking forward to the year ahead. Some really exciting stuff is coming in the future surrounding the house, I can’t wait for that.

Q: Do you think the sim house will improve the team’s productivity, especially whilst practicing?

A: Having the house will absolutely improve our productivity as a team, just having us here in one place all the time makes testing feel more enjoyable and at the same time increasing the level of motivation to practice too. We all have the same goal here so being able to work towards that as a group on a more personal level is something really useful for us and something I’m personally really looking forward to!

Retaining the Porsche Esports Supercup title will be a challenge in one of sim racing’s most competitive fields, but momentum is with the Aussie as the season start gets closer.

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