Max Verstappen is easily the most anticipated driver to take the to the 2020 Porsche Esports Supercup grid. The F1 star managed to find time between Formula 1 tests to compete in enough races over a twelve week qualifying season, and with enough points to qualify for his first world championship season on iRacing.

With the current situation allowing him to compete in many more rounds than he would have been able to before, we will get to see a true comparison of a sim racer against one of the Formula 1’s greats.

Q: Your first PESC season is fast approaching, of course the cars are very different, but how does your preparation differ in the sim and for an F1 race?

A: In general it’s pretty similar as you always prepare for the upcoming race on the sim and you just try to find the best setup possible to start with at the weekend. So, it’s not too different in preparation.

Q: Have you learnt anything in the sim that you’ve been able to transfer to real races?

A: The sim is a great place to practice and keep my race craft sharp before a new season starts.

Q: What’s the biggest and smallest difference between simracing and real racing?

A: The biggest difference are the G forces which you can’t feel on a sim, the speed sensation is a lot less as well. It’s hard to make that come to life in a sim. But smallest differences are the car models and design and detail of the tracks.

Q: If you could pick one driver from the Formula 1 grid, and race with them on the sim who would it be?

A: I guess Lando as we are already racing against each other in the sim as well. 

Q: If you could add one car and one track to iRacing, what would they be? If the car is the RB16, you have to pick another!

A: Probably Portimao, Macau and all of the new GTE and GT3 cars. 

Q: As it looks like most of the Formula 1 races will be called off, is a title attempt possible, and the aim for the supercup?

A: Let’s see what happens with the F1 calendar first. A lot is unknown at the moment, so we better just wait and then see what will be able to go through. As for the Supercup I just want to have a good time and try and be as competitive as I can be against the best guys doing it.

Round one is less than three weeks away, from Verstappen’s home track, Zandvoort, but on the old layout, watch live from the iRacing YouTube channel on the 2nd of May

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