The Racelogic VBOX Simpack put simply is a very exciting piece of equipment that will help bridge the gap between sim and real-world racing.

Not only is the LapTimer used in the real world across all levels of motorsport (most notably in the GT World Challenge), but the exact same one can be used on your sim at home. The data logger and capture card automatically sync your lap with the data, so you don’t have to flick between sim and data screen all the time. A real benefit if you race in the real world also is that you can compare your sim data with your real race data logging using the Circuit Tools app by Racelogic.   

What comes in the box:

Obviously the main piece of equipment is the LapTimer itself.  This is an attractive cuboid of blue metal and a screen with some very nice, tactile buttons on the side to navigate the different displays and settings.  You also have the Aver Capture Card, HDMI cable, USB cable and various other leads needed to connect it all up.

Remember, this isn’t just for use on the sim, so Racelogic includes a GPS device for use in your real-world racing ventures as well.

Setting it up:

The installation instructions can easily be found on the VBOX website, and as long as you follow the steps, setup is very, very easy.  Unsurprisingly it adds a few more cables to the collection behind your rig, but nothing too major to worry about!

The LapTimer can be put on the rig using the RollCage mounts, 3M Dual Lock tape or simply put on your desk.

Getting the lap timer to work on your sim is even easier, for Assetto Corsa Competizione it is very much a plug and play product (try not to get confused with the LapTimer in the sim and the one on your rig!).

However, the LapTimer has a few small issues in iRacing. The positioning of your car may be incorrect in some sessions with the standard iRacing license for example. The only way to fix this is to pay more, for a commercial version of iRacing, however, Racelogic is doing their best to reduce this positioning issue.  Luckily, the F1 franchises and rFactor2 aren’t hard either, once again, follow the instructions and it works perfectly.

Circuit Tools is one of the best-presented data-analysis apps I’ve used in nearly 3 years of simracing, clearly helped by the constant development that Racelogic do to it.  As long as you follow the setup guide carefully, then once again, it’s a plug and play product with the video of each lap preloaded and synced to save you time.

Setting up everything for the VBOX Simpack has been very easy, next, the important part, we’ll find out how it can improve your driving…….

Now for the important part…. Did it help me improve my lap times?  I’m still in the testing phase at the moment so you’ll have to wait and see….. check back soon!

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