Championship contenders Maximilian Benecke and Joshua Rogers both had tough races. Benecke was given a controversial qualifying ban for his netcode contact with Mitchell DeJong at Silverstone during the previous round meaning he’d have to start from the back. En route to winning the feature race, Rogers made contact and spun around Sebastian Job at turn one.

Once again Rogers was quickest in his VRS Coanda Simsport car, the reverse grid put Filsell on pole with Alejandro Sánchez having a season-best starting position for MSI eSports in second place. Filsell and Sánchez remained in the same positions and built a gap early on in the sprint race as cars battled behind.

Sanchez had his best Supercup round of the season with a second and a fifth

The sprint race saw Burst Esports driver, Oomishima spin on lap one at the Michelin-Kurve as he locked up his brakes. Luckily no one collected him as he spun off the track and he was able to continue, the same can’t be said for Moritz Lohner’s crash in the Mercedes Arena when he rolled over after Sebastian Dunkel spun and let the car roll into Lohner’s.

Alejandro Sánchez got the better of Filsell at the start of the feature race but his lead was short-lived when he locked up the brakes into turn one, demoting himself down to fourth place.

Filsell got his PESC win tally up to two with a sprint race win after leading every lap

Sebastian Job and Josh Rogers began to catch Filsell, but once they did Rogers went for the move down the inside at turn one with fifteen minutes left. For the third time this season Joshua Rogers spun around Sebastian Job who was demoted down to eighth place.  After the race, Rogers said, “Of course turn one with Sebi is not the way I want to see it, every other time I raced him and every other time I was racing everyone else it was always clean, there was no malice in it.” The Coanda driver has already had a qualifying ban, so can’t be taking big risks with the championship on the line if he gets a harsher penalty for one of the two remaining rounds.

Job was then left to battle with Ostgaard for seventh place, he got past in the Mercedes-Arena with two minutes left. The charging Benecke tried to follow him through but ran off the track at the Valvoline-Kurve, ending up in eighth place at the end of the sprint race, from the last row in the feature.

In the end, Rogers won again, with Filsell two seconds behind in third, DeJong got another podium to keep his championship fight alive.


Pictures: MSI eSports

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