After a few disappointing rounds, Sebastion Job went into Silverstone wanting a home win and he did just that, twice.

Job and Carroll attempted to break away at the start of the feature race, but Jeremey Bouteloup had other ideas and pressured Carroll, making him defend and allowing Job to pull away for a dominant win, by over ten seconds.

Bouteloup made his way past Carroll at Maggots and Beckets but Carroll quickly got back in front to retake second. The Red Bull Esports drivers defensive drive was outstanding, but Gramham’s race came to an abrupt end when Bouteloup spun him around at the final chicane with under ten minutes left.

Graham Carrol leading the battle for second place into turn one

The train for second place was easily the longest of the season so far, with some of the cleanest racing as well. The twelve drivers in the train showed why they were some of the best in the world, running bumper to bumper for almost the whole thirty-minute race, with the only incident coming when Bouteloup hit Carroll.

The crash that ended Carroll’s race and a chance of a one-two for Red Bull Racing Esports

After Carroll’s crash, championship leader, Joshua Rogers began to battle Max Benecke, but only got a chance on the final lap as they went side-by-side through Copse and into Maggots and Beckets. Benecke heald on to take second place with Sebastian Job ahead by ten seconds.

Last rounds feature race winner, Jarred Filsel jumped the start, so had a drive-through penalty, immediately putting him out of the running to get two wins in a row.

Jobs impressive round, despite a lack of practice, puts him back in the championship fight with three rounds left.

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