Daniel Lundgaard showed great form, when he won both heats in the fifth round of the Danish Esport Racing Championship, which was driven on the American track Road America. The championship fight is heading into its final phase and is still to be decided between Thomas Hjeresen and Alexander Lauritzen.


It was Daniel Lundgaard whom, after a close qualifying, came out on top. He secured pole position in front of Mathias H. Jensen, while his teammate Alexander Lauritzen lined up in third. A position, which gave Lauritzen a great chance to take points from the championship leader Thomas Hjeresen who started in 5th.

After the long stretch down to turn 1 Daniel Lundgaard was able to go through the first corner as the leading car without any drama. Alexander Lauritzen managed to secure second place in front of Mathias H. Jensen, who didn’t get an optimal start. The close battle in the midfield was interrupted by a car that lost control on the grass and returned to the racing track on the exit of turn two. Many of the drivers had no chance of reacting to the car rejoining the track, and were involved in a crash. Luckily the accident didn’t have serious consequences for any of the drivers. After the first lap Lundgaard had already build a one second gap to second place.


On the second lap of the race Andreas Jochimsen pressured Mathias H. Jensen on the entry to turn one resulting in Mathias H. Jensen losing control of the car. Dali Jankovic had no chance of avoiding the spinning car and was hit by his teammate Thomas Hjeresen. Dali Jankovic’s last half of the season has not gone according to plan. Another accident in round 5 was just one in a long string of accidents in the last couple of races.


The accident on the second lap made it possible for the top 3 to pull away from the rest of the field led by Thomas Hjeresen in P4. After the drama on the first few laps the race slowly settled. However, Stefan Overgaard was able to pass Steffen Moeller for P7 after a beautifully executed overtake.


Distinctively for the track the race proceeded rather undramatic. An accident in turn 11 prevented Peter Boellingtoft in going any further with fourteen minutes left of heat 1. Daniel Lundgaard continued the dominant driving and had extended the gap down to second placed Alexander Lauritzen. The closest duel in top ten was between Martin Dyrlund and Kasper H. Jensen, but Martin Dyrlund had a hard time finding a way past Kasper H. Jensen. Martin Dyrlund  was able to pass Jensen for P5 with five minutes left of heat 1.


Daniel Lundgaard won the first heat after an undramatic last lap, while Alexander Lauritzen finished in 2nd. Andreas Jochimsen secured 3rd and Thomas Hjeresen managed, despite the drama on lap two, to finish 4th.


Stefan Overgaard secured pole position in the qualifying for heat 2, but the cars in top four were only separated by 0.022 seconds. Martin Dyrlund started second, while the winner of the first heat Daniel Lundgaard started in 3rd. Thomas Hjeresen ensured a good starting point in order to defend the championship lead by qualifying in P4.

All cars managed to go through turn one safely, as Stefan Overgaard continued to lead. Martin Dyrlund lost control of the car on the exit of turn two and was forced to retire. A crash in turn three had major consequences for many of the midfield runners who had to take avoiding action. Thomas Hjeresen profited from Dyrlund’s crash and took P3.


Alexander Lauritzen completed a perfect pass on Andreas Jochimsen and found himself in 5th. A good position to hunt down Thomas Hjeresen in a fight for the championship lead. Daniel Lundgaard closed the gap to Stefan Overgaard and was able to pass him for the race lead with 18 minutes left of heat 2. Determined to repeat the success of heat 1 Daniel Lundgaard pulled away from Overgaard.


Andreas Jochimsen took back P5 from Alexander Lauritzen, but only one lap later Alexander Lauritzen regained the position in a fierce fight between the two. This gave Mathias H. Jensen and Kasper H. Jensen an opportunity to close the gap to the two duelists. Thomas Hjeresen had likewise closed the gap to Stefan Overgaard and piled on the pressure. Hjeresen couldn’t find a way past, which meant that Nicolai Sylvest made it into draft distance of the two. The duel between Alexander Lauritzen and Andreas Jochimsen continued, but was now a battle including five cars. Mathias H. Jensen tried to overtake Andreas Jochimsen on entry to turn 12 with six minutes left of heat 2. Mathias H. Jensen missed his braking point and buried the car in the barrier. Nicolai Sylvest tried to pass Thomas Hjeresen for the final step of the podium, but a defensive move from Thomas Hjeresen resulted in Nicolai Sylvest crashing after having lost control of the car. Nicolai Sylvest wasn’t able to recover from the crash and had to retire the car.


Daniel Lundgaard completed a perfect round where he secured the win in both heats. Stefan Overgaard finished in 2nd, while Thomas Hjeresen crossed the line in 3rd. As a result Thomas Hjeresen was able to hold on to the championship lead, but is only three points in front of second placed Alexander Lauritzen. For that reason, the championship remains undecided, as the drivers prepare themselves for the sixth round taking place on the Brazilian track Interlagos.


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