This week the Kamel GT is visiting Mosport. A very fast circuit that suits these cars.

One major factor for this week was the closing speeds between the GTO and GTP fields.

This week saw a very large field of GTO’s with 32 entries between both fields, the majority of which were GTO drivers.

Qualifying was a quick affair with lap times being just over one minute. Pole position for GTP was claimed by Fabian Gerber, followed by Arto Ihamäki and then Jamie Hall. In the GTO field it was Joni Hagner on pole followed by Ove Trengereid and Michael Houghton.

On the formation lap many of the drivers were aware that the traffic would be a major factor in the race. With many of the drivers saying their goodbyes as the cars approached the start line. Before crossing the start line Jamie Hall found himself brushing the wall after getting on the power too soon at the green flag. This promoted a couple of drivers immediately. A couple more of the drivers also found how punishing the fast turns can be if you are wide on corner entry. With Mike Kopack going wide and onto the grass. He was then shortly followed by John Keefe.

As the GTP field spread out the top 4 were still very close, consisting of Arto Ihamäki, Rob Olejniczak, Fabian Gerber and Nicolas Mukanos. This make racing difficult as the field caught the GTO field within 6 laps, who all very close at this stage of the race. Making for the toughest traffic seen this year. Everything was very clean between the two fields until Clayton Macleod was caught out by Joni Hagner and they both went off the track. Joni came off the worst as his car went into the tyre barrier at speed. Joni had to pit for repairs shortly afterwards and lost his lead. Ove Trengerid took the lead, very closely followed by Michael Houghton. In the intense traffic Luis Emerton who was right behind Benjamin Szoko didn’t see the Audi in front of him as he slowed down and clipped the back of Benjamins car, causing him to spin.

Towards the end of the race Arto and Fabian caught Phillip Lake in the run up to turn one and were 3 wide. Unfortunately Phillip didn’t realise a car was on his outside as he tracked out and caught the rear end of the Nissan, spinning him and causing him to hit the other car. This promoted Rob Olejniczak to the lead as the others were forced to retire due to the damage caused. This promoted Luis Emerton to 2nd and Benjamin Szoko to 3rd. The order would stay the same until the end of the race. In the GTO field the battle was fierce until the chequered flag with Michael unable to get past Ove.

Final Results:


1 Rob Olejniczak

2 Luis Emerton

3 Benjamin Szoko

4 Jamie Hall

5 David Miller

6 Martin Krejcirik

7 John Keefe

8 Clayton Macleod

9 Fabian Jungbluth 

10 Mike Kopack


1 Ove Trengeried

2 Michael Houghton

3 Ben Laughter

4 Mick Claridge

5 Jouko Leskela

6 Riley Thompson

7 David Roffe

8 Jordan D Robinson

9 Anthony Rossomano

10 Marko Kiikka

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