The third round of the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series was at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, named after the famous driver Gilles Villeneuve who drove for Ferrari up until his death at Zolder during practice. Today there wouldn’t be any Ferraris, just the McLaren MP4-30. 29 of them would be taking to the grid for this 70 lap race that was set to have all of the action after the Phillip Island race for round two.

The race would see Martin Krönke on pole once more, aiming to keep VRS Coanda Simsports amazing winning streak alive. Kazuki Oomishima would start alongside Krönke in the Radicals Online car that had seen contact with other cars in the first two rounds of the championship. Last weeks winner, Mitchell DeJong would start in 5th driving the number 24 VRS Coanda Simsport car.

The lights went out and Krönke was able to fend off Oomishima, further down the field Mitchell DeJong was shuffled down towards the back of the field in 15th position. Tommy Ostgaard had nowhere to go  at turn six when Joshua K Rogers spun after making contact with one of Ostgaards teammates.

Three laps in Mogar Fihlo spun his Radicals Online car on the entry of turn two, sending him way down the field because it was not spread out yet, meaning he would have to let the majority of the field through before finding an appropriate gap to get back on the racing circuit.

Three laps later Oomishima lost traction coming out of the hairpin, allowing Mack Bakkum to overtake him before they had even reached the chicane, moving Bakkum up to second place.

On lap 18 Krönke missed the final chicane, losing him two seconds that time by, allowing Bakkum and Huttu to close the gap. Six laps latter Greger Huttu came in to make his stop, leaving Bakkum and Krönke out to defend the undercut. They pitted at the end of the next lap. Huttu was not able to jump the two, but he was able to close the gap enough to be able to over take Bakkum if he saw an opportunity.

As the laps went by all of the field gradually came into the pits to make their first of two pit stops.

Martti Pietilä was the first drivers to come in to the pits for their second, and final pit stop of the race, he rejoined in ninth position. A lap later Mack Bakkum came into the pits to try to undercut Martin Krönke. He had a fast 31.5 seconds in the pits. Krönke reacted immediately to pit at the end of the next lap. Huttu stayed out to try the over cut the pair. Krönkes time in pit road was 32.1, slower than Bakkums, although Mack was able to close the gap it was not enough to overtake Krönke in the pit stop cycle. Huttu came in next time by and had a total of 31.9 seconds in the lane. He came out behind Peter Berryman, losing Huttu a lot of time. He had to get past Berryman as quickly as possible, he did, he made the move on Berryman on the back straight. Huttu had to attack now to catch up with the leaders and try to win his first race in over a season.

55 laps into the race Krönke made the move on Kevin Ellis Jr for the lead. Huttu kept on trying to get past Bakkum, but he was not able to overtake him due to some great defending from Bakkum.

Suddenly Martin Krönke had technical issues with nine laps to go, meaning that Huttu and Bakkum were fighting for the race win. If Bakkum would win it would be his first ever iWCGPS win and he would increase VRS Coanda Simsports winning streak in the iWCGPS to 17.

Krönke got back going again with four laps to go to minimise the points lost. On the same lap Gerger Huttu tried to go around the outside of Mack Bakkum at the final chicane. Greger ran wide after a perfect defensive manoeuvre from Bakkum, leaving Huttu with a slow-down penalty and almost completely eliminating his chances of winning the race.

Mack Bakkum came through the last chicane to make him a winner in the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series and extends Coanda Simsports winning streak to 17 in the series.



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