The Heusinkveld Mazda MX-5 World Tour kept up it’s high speed trend as it headed back to Mosport for a second season in a row. The slipstream will be just as important as it was at Daytona last time out.

With a smaller gird than normal, the competitiveness didn’t decrease. Hartley got pole from Kanchin in second, less than a tenth behind, and Gene Fiddes with a similar gap in third. Jordie Fike got first place in the AM class in an impressive sixth place.

The top five stayed the same with Stefan Overgaard in fifth place.

As they went on to the back straight for the first time Kanchin went down the inside of Hartley without much of a challenge from Hartley.

Enzo Canta made his way around Fike for sixth place at turn one as they went on to start lap two. Because of the battle that the drivers had in the second train Canta had a gap to close, as the laps went on he seemed to be able to get closer and closer to Overgaard with the help of the slipstream.

Overgaard spun at Moss Corner on lap eight as he ran wide and onto the gravel that immediately span him round directly in front of Canta.

As Hartley made a mistake in the esses after hitting the inside curb David Hampson came in to pit at the beginning of lap eleven after having to check up to not hit Hartley.

A lap later Kanchin came into the pits to respond to Kanchin. Hampson was in the pits for 1.7 seconds less than Kanchin, resulting in Hampson getting the net lead. On the same lap Kanchin got past Hampson by going around the outside at the final part of the esses.

Canta came out behind Hampson and Kanchin with Fiddes and Hartley still out on the track.

Hartley ran wide at Moss Corner, like Overgaard, but he didn’t spin, just lost the position too Fiddes. Exactly what Robert didn’t want as he got ready to come into the pits.

Kanchin caught the back pack that hadn’t yet came in to the pits on lap fifteen. He got held up by Holland on the back straight, but got stuck behind Wielinga at the final part of the esses. Hartley came out of the pits in front of Jeroen Ursem and Kanchin.

Hartley was able to break the slip stream whilst Kanchin was stuck behind Ursem. Hampson and Canta were able to catch up with Kanchin whilst he was stuck behind Jeroen.

Once Fiddes had come out of the pits he was in front of Hartley, but only just.

After making an amazing move on Hampson, Canta spun at turn two on the the same lap in front of Hampson after clipping the grass on the inside.

Hartley had the lead going onto the final lap, and was able to keep it from Fiddes on the back straight.

Hartley got another win in season 16, with Sonny Kanchin struggling in third place after a strategic error that put him out behind some slower cars. Gene Fiddes finally got a result that showed his true pace in third after some fuel miscalculations in previous rounds.



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