This week sees the Kamel GT visiting Indianapolis, a track many of the drivers do not hold in particularly high regard. The version present in iRacing is the older version. Generally the Nissan drivers will use Keith Richeys setups and track guide to prepare, however this didn’t exist for this track. Making preparation harder than usual.

Qualifying saw a very close spread in the GTP field with Michel De Jong claiming pole position, followed by Jamie Hall and Rob Olejniczak. The situation was the same in the GTO field with John Malia claiming pole, followed by Brian Strodtbeck and Jouko Leskela.

After the formation lap Michel controlled the pace, and after a long pause from the safety car coming in the race began. This lead to a few of the drivers bunching up behind for turn 1, we all made it through safely but John Keefe and myself were side by side through turn 2 however I had the inside for turn 3 and John was unable to make the move stick. There was contact between myself and Rob Olejniczak in the next corner as we both had trouble keeping the Nissan in check through there. This lead to us both dropping back a handful of places and promoted John Keefe to 3rd. The lead for the GTO class changed in turn one too, with Joni Hagner taking the lead from John Malia. Unfortunately Brian Strodtbeck picked up damage early in the race as he was on the oval section, the damage was severe enough for Brian to retire.

As the race progressed Michel came under repeated attack from Jamie who clearly had more pace at this stage of the race. Michel was able to keep his cool for a number of laps. However Jamie managed to out brake Michel into turn 1, and hold the car on the inside line.Jamie was now the leader. Not long after this Michel spun and was  down to 6th, this also promoted John Keefe to 2nd. Joni Hagner found himself under immense pressure from Michel Houghton and John Malia as the race progressed, Michael who started 5th had made his way through the field at an immense rate.

Traffic was proving to be a problem leading onto the oval, this was causing quite a number of Nissans to bunch up behind the Audi’s in the final corner. Traffic lead to a slow entry onto the oval for John Keefe, which lead to Fabian Gerber gaining time and passing John on the pit straight. John Unfortunately spun a few laps afterwards and was down to 9th. John was find his way back to 7th by the end of race.

In the closing stages of the race Jamie Hall had built an impressive lead and claimed victory in the GTP field, things were looking much less secure in the GTO field. The lead was being fought between Michael Houghton, Jouko Leskela and Joni Hagner. Michael was able to fend of Jouko and secure victory. 


Final Results


1 Jamie Hall

2 Fabian Gerberi

3 Clayton Macleod 

4 Michel De Jonge

5 Luis Emerton

6 Rob Olejniczak

7 John Keefe

8 Fabian Jungbluth

9 Martin Krejcirik

10 Tommy To




1 Michael Houghton

2 Jouko Leskea

3 Joni Hagner

John Malia

5 Ville Ruola

6 Phillip Lake

7 Ben Laughter

8 Andy Trupiano

Franco Scuri

10 Riley Thompson

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