The MWT got quick again as it headed over to America and the Daytona International Speedway. The slipstream would be key as the race may not be one by someone that is on the pace, just someone that can race smart.

Kanchin was beaten to pole position once again this season, this time it was done by Robert Hartley, Kanchin would be in second with Gene Fiddes impressing again in third place. Bjorn Deforche was the first AM driver on the grid.

Hartley kept the lead without a threat from Kanchin when the lights went out, Fiddes was put under pressure by Stefan Overgaard into turn one, but Fiddes was able to keep his starting position and sit in the slipstream of Sonny Kanchin.

Kanchin got the lead from Hartley on the second part of the oval, as his teammate, Marcello Pagnan, gained two positions, moving up to third.

The leading pack kept changing position and, going into the first corner at least two wide most laps.

Gene Fiddes came in at the end of lap eight, once again he was trying an alternate strategy to try and get a gap over people. David Hampson came in a lap later to respond to Fiddes. Fiddes was in front of Hampson when he came out of the pits, but most importantly they both had a ‘draft partner’, allowing them to change positions each lap on the oval to set quicker lap times.

Hartley was the next driver to come in with ten laps to go, he came out far in front of Fiddes who had now been caught by Hampson.

Overgaard, Penot, Rathje and Veenhof came in with nine to go. Overgaard came out in front of Hartley, but Penot was out of the pits before anyone else and ended up in the net lead with a pitstop nearly three seconds quicker than anyone else.

Kanchin and Pagnan came in with eight to go after some bump drafting on the oval sections. Kanchin missed his pit-stall, resulting in Hartley being given the net lead as Kanchin dropped down to a net eleventh place after his mistake while Pagnan came out in third place with Overgaard following behind him..

Hampson spun after taking a lot of curb with five laps to go exiting turn two, Bjorn Deforche went onto the grass to avoid Hampson, but lost the car and spun into the outside wall in the process. Damaging his front bumper which would really hurt him at a high speed track like Daytona. A couple of laps later his engine overheated and eventually blew-up, putting him out of a good race for the AM driver.

Penot had to come in to take more fuel with three laps to go as Tom Rathje was spun around at turn one by Gene Fiddes as he didn’t expect Rathje to get on the brakes so hard.

At the final lap started the order at the front was Hartley, Pagnan and then Overgaard in third, and at the back of the lead train.

There was a lot of shuffling as they exited the Bus Stop. Pagnan got past Hartley, but with Overgaard getting double slipstream, he was able to get past both of them before the final corner. Hartley had one last crack at Pagnan by going down the middle and making it three wide for the win just before the line.

Hartley wasn’t able to get a nose in front, laving Pagnan to win at Daytona, with Hartley in the middle getting second and the Workiva Kinetic driver of Stefan Overgaard in third place, rounding out the podium.

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