Race 6 of the 4th NES season took us to the legendary circuit of Le Mans for the famous 24h race. Pure Racing Team LMP won the all of the previous races this season. If they won this race it would be an ultimate dominance from the German Team. They had a 43 point lead in the championship and could not lose it anymore. Behind them there was a close battle between Thrustmaster Mivano Racing LMP and CoRe SimRacing Prototype. With only 2 points between them and a 37 point lead to Vendaval on p4 they knew they would end up on the podium. But they still had to decide in wich way.

In the GT championship VRS Coanda Simsport #81 could not lose the championship either. With 4 out of 5 wins this season they had a 51 point lead to P.R.T GTE. And VRS Coanda could take another podium in the GT field with a 3rd place for the #88. The #88 was looking at a 7 point gap to P.R.T GT and a lead of 14 points to both Heusinkveld CoRe motorsport and MSP Phoenix racing. 5 teams where battling close for p4 till P8. Only 4 points separated them before the final race.

The #33 race winner from Thrustmaster Mivano

Qualifying was run one week before the race. This made it easier for the teams to practice a perfect qualifying lap with a specific qualifying setup without losing time for race pace practice. P.R.T LMP took yet another pole position getting one step closer to a 6 out of 6 wins. They where followed by Thrustmaster Mivano and MSP Phoenix. Virtual Motorsport and Team Chimera rounded out the top 5. Also a pole position for P.R.T in the GT class in front off Heusinkveld CoRe motorsport and Thrustmaster Mivano GT. Championship leader VRS Coanda started the race on p4.

Not P.R.T LMP but Thrustmaster Mivano #33 took the overall race win after 24h of racing. P.R.T took the second spot and could not take another victory but did take the championship. On the 3rd place the #34 Thrustmaster Mivano LMP car joining there sister car on the podium. Radicals online was able to take back some places and finished 4th before Team Chimera in P5.

Pure Racing Team at the Ford chicane. Season 4 champions


Surprise in the GT field with a great victory for Heusinkveld Core motorsport. It was a day with ups and downs for the team. After the race 6 of the 7 drivers left the team. A second place for the P.R.T GTE after both off the cars taking the pole, both off them finished 2nd. Championship winner VRS Coanda #81 took the 3rd spot in the race with a clean and steady race. The second VRS Ferrari took the 4th place and Thrustmaster Mivano GTE rounded out the top 5. With the LMP class being a single car class and the GT class being filled by 2 cars it was clear to see which was the fastest car off the field. 5 Ferrari’s in the top 5 and another 5 Ford cars in the top 10. 5 teams where close behind each other and fought to be the first Ford. JIM Racing came down as the first ford on p6 in front off Torque Freak Racing and Team Heusinkveld.

The Coanda Simsport GTE crosses the finish line to become GTE champions

And to end this season we are going to start with a question for the next season. Will there be LMP1 cars in the next season of the NES. We would love to see a virtual WEC series with the LMP1, HPD and GTE cars. So to LMP or not to LMP that’s the question.

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