It was an amazing race to watch. FA Racing G2 and P.R.T gave the people what they wanted to see. This was the highest level of racing on iRacing. iRacing could not get any better than this. The only downside of the event was the start of the race.

Some teams had to retire very early on



For the second time this season the 49 pro teams lined up at the start. But first they had to decide in which order they would start in. It was not the hottest race at Sebring which resulted in fast qualifying times. FA Racing G2 took the pole with a blistering 1:56.795 in front of P.R.T. Red and CoRe SimRacing Black. All within one tenth of eachother. They were followed by the SimuCube Inex Racing McLaren and the Mercedes from Heusinkveld Core Motorsport. The biggest suprise in qualifying was TTL Esports, the winning team in Bathurst and leader in the championship only qualifyed P13. They did not have their best day and finished P15.


P.R.T red and CoRe SimRacing Black


The two race protagonists managed to take a gap from the beginning of the race. Frederik Rasmussen and Mr. 10000 max Benecke had a great battle in the first part of the race. Benecke waited and waited until he found the time right to pass Rasmussen. With a single move he took the lead from Rasmussen. He extended the gap to a small 2 seconds before getting the first pitstop. Rasmussen was the first driver to get into the pit. Benecke followed one lap later and managed to get the gap even bigger to almost  seconds. Behind them CoRe SimRacing black and Heusinkveld Core motorsport had a battle for P3 while Joshua Rogers worked his way up to P9. After the second pitstops Patrick Pichler and Sebastian Job took over the cars but the insane battle continued. Job closed the gap and tried and tried and tried to pass Pichler. But it didn’t happen. Some great defending racing from Pichler got P.R.T red the victory at Sebring. FA Racing G2 took second. VRS Coanda #8 with Mitchell DeJong and Mack Bakkum took a surprisingly 3rd place after only starting P14, a great race from them. CoRe SimRacing black and Heusinkveld Core motorsport did not changed positions anymore taking 4 and 5.

The VRS Coanda #8 working its way through the field to P3


Pictures: Maik Paluch


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