This week sees the Kamel GT visiting the beautiful track of Laguna Seca. The field size was smaller than previous races due to a glitch with the Audi 90 GTO. After any contact with a kerb or another car the car would either float or run far too low, causing the cars to become undriveable. However it is understood this issue will be fixed for next week.

Qualifying was a quick affair with a relatively short lap in these cars. Keith Richey set the pole time, closely following by Arto Ihamaki and Rob Olejniczak. In the GTO field pole position was with Jouko Leskela followed by Riley Thompson and Marko Kiikka.

After the short formation lap the race began, with myself starting in 6th quickly overtaking Mertol Shahin for 5th position. Keith Richey maintained a healthy gap to Arto during the early stages of race. Unfortunately for John Keefe there was some contact between him and Tommy To in the second lap, leaving his Nissan without a front bumper. This would have an major impact on Johns fuel consumption causing issues in the closing stages of the race.

After the contact John was able to adapt and still maintain a quick race pace, meaning he was on the back of Martin Krejcirik shortly after and was able to overtake him. The real mover of the race was Clayton Macleod, starting in 12th position he was up to 6th with around 15 minutes left in the race. He was rapidly catching myself in 5th position and it wasn’t long before my mirror was filled with Claytons Nissan. Clayton continued to chase for a few laps but unfortunately carried too much speed into the corkscrew, and lost the rear end of the car. As the race drew closer to the finish Tapani Linnaluoto who was running in 4th a couple of seconds in front of myself started to slow down. I overtook Tapani in the run down to the final corner. I had assumed that he was trying to save fuel, Keith Richey in the lead was setting blistering times and this meant another lap would have to be completed. However after the race Tapanni explained that there was an orange cone stuck to his windscreen and couldn’t see. In the closing laps John had caught Mertol and completed a stunning past in the final turn. Unfortunately Mertol had problems slowing for turn one and there was slight contact between him and John. This clearly left Johns car even more twitchy as he lost the read end on the same lap.

In the GTO field it was a battle of attrition, with many of the cars suffering the bug that is pictured earlier in the report. There was a great battle between Riley Thompson, and Marko Kikka  and Brian Shannahan for most of the race until the cars were clearly become nearly undriveable. With Marko’s car biting him hard and spinning at the Kink before the Corkscrew. He decided to take a tow back to the pits at this stage. The GTO field was dominated by Jouko Leskela who managed to avoid the bug for the entire race.

Final Results


1 Keith Richey

2 Arto Ihamaki

3 Rob Olejniczak

4 Luis Emerton

5 Clayton Macleod

6 Tapani Linnaluto

7 Mertol Shahin

8 Martin Krejcirik

9 David Miller

10 John Keefe


1 Jouko Leskea

2 Riley Thompson

3 Brian Shanahan

4 Marko Kiikka

5 Jordan D Robinson

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