The Gathering of Tweakers week 13 event moved one week earlier to avoid a clash with the iRacing Sebring 12h. A great decision because within one week the 60 open spots where filled in. 60 Porsche GT3 cup cars lined up for a standing start at Le Mans for a 23 lap race. Incidents where expected but no major incidents happened in the first Dunlop chicane. Although, in the first lap Ravon had a slow down at the first chicane on the Mulsanne straight. He lost his second spot and crossed the line 5th after the first lap.

In front 3 cars where in a breakaway. Setsaas, Claessens and Eshuis. Cleassens passed Setsaas at the second chicane. It looked like a braking mistake but both sorted it out. Setsaas took back his lead the next corner. Behind the leaders 2 drivers followed close with Grossmann and Ravon. They where almost able to close the gap. But Grossman had a slowdown in the finale chicane. The leaders seemed to play the waiting game. Giving the Ravon the chance to make it a 4 car battle.

After 8 laps of racing Ravon passed Claessens splitting up the front 4 into 2 times 2. One lap later Setsaas had a big moment on pit entry. He spun and lost some some places to Grossmann and Mittner. But not on Ravon, he took tires during his pitstop. Meanwhile Claessens passed Eshuis for the lead before entering the pit. He started the second stint on the lead in front of Eshuis, Mittner, Grossmann and Dennis Gerressen, Setsaas fell back to P6.

In lap 12 Claessens passed Eshuis but almost lost it at Indianapolis. He managed to stay out off the wall and to continue his race behind Eshuis. With 9 laps to go Eshuis made a mistake under braking. Giving him a slow down and Claessens the lead of the race. With only 6 laps to go Claessens had a spin in the finale chicane burning his tires.

Mittner was the first one off the leaders to take his 2nd pit. With a whole parade off the cars the next lap. But nothing changed in positions. Claessens and Haines where able to last the stint one lap longer. After the second pitstops Mika Eshuis had a solid lead. In second was Mittner and in a battle for p3 Setsaas, Claessens and Grossmann. Fassbender and David Barraclough had a fight for p6.

Eshuis won the race in front of Mittner. Behind them Claessens and Setsaas had a hard fight and crash in the Porsche curves. Claessens had nowhere to go and contact was unavoidable. Grossmann took the last podium spot in front of Setsaas, Fassbender, Barraclough and Claessens who fell back to p7 after the final incident. Ravon who qualified 2nd finished in 8th with Haines and Gerressen behind him.

GoT board member Joep Willemsen

How did GoT came to the idea to organise a Porsche cup at Le Mans?

Every season we (the board with Thissen, Derix, Bouwes, de Rooij, Teunissen, Koole and Post) have a small brainstorm. This time we chose the Porsche to race at Le Mans because we used it 12 weeks in our Monday cup.

How did you like the race?

There was an exciting race and GSRC broadcast from beginning till the end. We had seen some nice battles and unexpected end of the race.

What’s next for GoT?

Of course another season 13 event, but we still have to decide what will be next. The next 12 weeks their will be a Monday skip cup for Benelux members, also some Racing School and we consider making GoT teams for special events and other races.

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