The second round of the Heusinkveld Mazda MX-5 was at the famous Silverstone Historic Grand Prix Track.

Robert Hartley started on pole with Sonny Kanchin four tenths back in second place. The race also saw real world Mazda driver John D Allen make his return to the series starting on the 12th row alongside Tom Rathje. When the red lights went out the field started heading towards cops cleanly with some two wide action in the mid-pack, but it was the top five that stayed in line to start the fuel saving game early.

On lap three Joe Mcdonald came together with Roel Geuze under braking going into club, ending Geuzes race. On the next lap at Luffield Richard Worth attempted to go round the outside of Nick Thissen but had a wiggle mid corner and had to give up the position. Then three laps later Stefan Overgaard and Rathje came in to take their one and only pitstop of the race. Later that lap Kanchin overtook Hartley to try and pull away, using the fuel that he saved in the previous laps.


With nine laps to go all of the leading pack came in apart from Eero Nõmm who had to start to put in some fast laps to try and jump Kanchin. After the stops Kanchin kept his gap to Nõmm, but Nõmm got beaten out of the pits by Gene Fides who had stopped a lap earlier, putting him in a net second place on track. A lap later Arjan Schpers got hit from behind by Steve Hefford at Beckets, collecting Steve Claeys on the way.


On the last lap of the race Nõmm went for an amazing move around the outside of Hartley at Stowe and later completed the move on the entry of Vale. Which left Kanchin on his own to pull away to win the race and increase his win streak up to 6th. Anwar Beroual-Smith took the AM class win.


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