The tenth of February played host to the Official 2018 Bathurst 12h race, the race consisted of all GT3 cars and the Porsche 911 Cup. SIMSPORTNews Race Team were driving the number 116 Porsche, with Jacob Tofts, Luis Emerton and David Roffe driving the car over the next 12 hours.

Jacob said, “The race started well, we were second on the grid and were keeping up a consistent pace for eight laps until a slight lapse of concentration at turn five, put me in the outside wall with some left front suspension damage.” The car was then kept in the pits for twenty minutes whilst it was being repaired. He was back out after the stop to complete a full stint, the stint was going well, but towards the end of the stint with about 20 litres left in the tank an Audi R8 hit the car going down the mountain, “He went for a move down the inside just before Forest’s Elbow, he didn’t even commit to the gap that was not there, he didn’t attempt to brake for us, which he should’ve because we are the slower car, and before I knew it he had touched my rear bumper and I was spun around, facing the wrong way on the tightest section on the track.” It took them about a minute to turn around whilst having to let other cars through so the car did not get anymore damage.

After that Jacob got out of the car and Luis Emerton got in for the first of many uneventful stints as the race progressed. After Luis’s quick and consistent stint he handed the car back over to Jacob, “The second stint went well, I didn’t spin or get hit by any GT3’s which meant I was much more comfortable in the car, I was able to put in some consistent lap times with the damaged car,” were Jacob’s words after the stint.


The number 116 Porsche was battered and bruised come the end of the race


The American David Roffe was to get in the car for his first stint of the race after Jacob, he got in and was on the pace, but had a spin whilst he was getting to grips with the damage on the car. Luis said, “From then on we kept on handing the car between us without any problems, this was because most of the GT3 cars had crashed so we didn’t have to worry about letting them through that often.”

Luis was the chosen driver to bring the car home, before setting the second quickest lap of the race. “As the time started ticking and we went to five minutes to go we all started to get excited for the finish, and then when we crossed the line it was an amazing feeling, to know that we had completed the full race, finishing in 9th in class and 17th overall in a 55 car strong grid was an a mazing achievement, especially because it was the longest race any of us had ever done before, so it was all completely new to us. On the whole I am so so happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait for Le Mans, in which we hope to be driving the Porsche 919 LMP1,” said Jacob after the race.

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