Final lap drama, driving with immense respect, and unbelievably close lap times were all factors which resulted in two exciting heats in the new race series-DERC. Both of which were won by the Real Esport Red drivers Alexander Lauritzen and Daniel Lundgaard.


The stage was set when, in total 30 Danish sim racers and racing drivers took part in the first official national championship in eSport racing in Denmark. The first event took place on the German race track Nürburgring, however over the duration of six events the series will visit high-profile tracks such as Spa Francorchamps in Belgium, and the always exciting Brazilian track Interlagos.


The new SIMSPORTNews driver, Dali Jankovic clinched pole position for race one, while Daniel Lundgaard lined up right behind him. In third place it was Alexander Lauritzen, and right next to him in fourth place was Mathias H. Jensen.

The start of the race was affected by nervousness, which resulted in a total of three incidents on the first lap of the race. Jankovic led field, while Daniel Lundgaard was tangled up in a wreck with Mathias H. Jensen, who found himself all the way down in 19th place.


After the first lap it was obvious that the big gainer was Thomas Hjeresen. He had made up three places, and found himself in third place.  Mathias H. Jensen had recovered his speed and fought his way up to 14th, but another incident with a competitor saw him go all the way down in 21st. With sixteen minutes left the race had settled, which gave Dali Jankovic the opportunity to stretch his lead, but the hard fighting Alexander Lauritzen made sure through raw pace and immense race craft that it was not a possibility for Jankovic. And the gap did not breach the one second mark at any point.


After a brilliant start, Thomas Hjeresen became the main character in a solo accident, where he lost control of the car at the exit of the Schumacher-S. Mathias H. Jensen had once again recovered and made a bold move in the hairpin, however another incident just a couple of laps later ensured that a good race result was not possible.


Jankovic and Lauritzen were in a league of their own, but a small mistake on the penultimate lap saw Lauritzen close the gap. This resulted in a courageous move at the hairpin, however the battle didn’t end there. The two drivers showed mutual respect, and went side by side through the Schumacher-S, but in the end it was Alexander Lauritzen who came out on top. He clinched the victory in what could only be described as nail-biting last lap drama. After the race in an interview Dali Jankovic expressed his disappointment to have lost the race lead on the final lap of the race.


The second heat saw Daniel Lundgaard starting from pole position with his teammate lining up next to him in second position. The nerves which were present during the first heat were not gone at the start of the second heat. This resulted in a major crash involving multiple drivers which stole the attention from a surgicaly clean lap from Daniel Lundgaard.

With 16 minutes left on the clock the top five were only separated by three seconds. The clean driving at the front of the race seemed to affect the other drivers in the series, who drove with an enormous amount of respect in an extremely close battle for secondary positions.


The mentally demanding track in Germany saw Alexander Lauritzen lose control of the car at the exit of the Schumacher-S. After the accident he recovered and found himself in 9th. Mathias H. Jensen had retaliated from heat one and perfectly executed a move take the final spot on the podium. The overtake saw Dali Jankovic drop to 4th. Even the reigning champion of the Danish Thundersport Championship could not see his race end flawlessly, and went across the grass in the stadium section after a mistake during braking.


With four minutes left SIMSPORTNews Racing had both cars in the top five, where Thomas Hjeresen, after a problematic first heat had recovered some of his raw speed. The final laps of the race reflected the more cautious driving form the competitors in the new race series. Daniel Lundgaard won the second heat with quite a margin down to the second place finisher Stefan Overgaard. Mathias H. Jensen clinched third place and Dali Jankovic finished 4th with his teammate Thomas Hjeresen rounding off the top five.

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