Martin Krönke won every race last year, this year it was different. He had teammates that were on pace with him. Greger Huttu could challenge for the occasional win and Apex Racing UK had improved their setup massively over the winter, putting them in the fight for multiple race wins.

Burst Esport were an unknown to everyone at round one, all that people knew was that they had two of the best drivers, one who had just graduated from the Road Pro Series and is a talent that keeps on giving in any car that they drive and one that moved from Apex Racing UK during the winter of 2017.


Lots of people thought it would be another year of the ‘Martin Krönke Show.’ But with a new tyre model released just a few weeks before the season started drivers found the motivation to do race runs and run multiple full-length stints in practice.


After 56 laps Coanda kept their order with Martin Krönke crossing the line and winning his third iWCGPS title and $10,000 in prize money. Marti Pietilä came home in fourth to give VRS Coanda Simsport a record breaking 1-2-3-4 finish, something that had never been done before. Showing Coanda’s dominance once again.


There was no Greger Huttu for Team Redline even though he qualified in sixth place. Team boss Dom Duhan said that Greger had registered for the session, but something went wrong on iRacing’s end and he couldn’t join the session. This ended Greger’s championship early, something that had gone relatively well considering that Greger was the sole Redline driver in the series and the only person developing the set.

The Burst Esport duo had a rough final round, it all started when Josh Rogers started to have his characteristically high tyre degradation. He tried to pass his teammate on lap nine. Jensen defended the position and made Josh much more vulnerable to Marti Pietilä behind him who was able to get past him on lap ten.


Krönke was followed into the pits on lap eighteen by Bakkum, DeJong and Gergis, all came in a lap after their teammate Marti Pietilä came in to cover Marcus Jensen a lap earlier.


Stephen Michaels was one of the few drivers on the one stop strategy and came in on lap 27 from third place. Michaels went on to get an eleventh-place finish, not the top ten that Race Clutch were aiming for before the end of the season. But with Race Clutch’s up and coming talents of Talmon, Lad and Andre they will be looking like the favourites to get some drivers qualified for the 2019 season through the Road Pro Series.


The leaders came in for their final stops on lap thirty-eight, once again Krönke was followed in by Bakkum and DeJong who had kept their order since the start of the race.


Eventually Krönke came around the final corner of the 2018 season and won his third World Championship Grand Prix Series title, beating his teammate Mitchel DeJong who came home in third.


Coanda Simsport were able to achieve a 1-2-3-4 finish with Mack Bakkum in second and Marti Pietilä in fourth. Coanda had shown their dominance all season, and with mid-season signings of Castro Leda and Gergis they are well into their preparations for another title in 2019.


The car for 2019 is still an unknown, all people know is that it won’t be the McLaren MP4-30, it will in fact be a new car and there will be big changes made to the Road Pro Series and the Grand Prix World Championship Series. An announcement is expected towards the end of November and beginning of December, this would mean that the Road Pro Series will be during season one of 2019.

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